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Tale of a state that recites its food stories

  • Albert
  • Feb 12, 2018
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 Kerala tour packages for family

Kerala is a state that stands out in India for the culture and heritage it beholds as its own. A traveller who is fond of excavating a part of this often chooses food where a travel to Kerala opens a window of opportunities to the taste buds. The factors that keep forth the chance to this are the various districts of Kerala where each of it has a different tale of food culture to recite to the people. Majorly, there are a number of dishes that make the place exclusive and when it comes to the type of food one should eat at specific times, Kerala has got its own style which has been written up as follows and on taking a tour through the Gods own country people should never miss hogging in some good food along with their family and avail the Best family packages to Kerala .

Break the fast with rice cuisines

 Kerala tour packages for family

You could start a beautiful day by grabbing some sumptuous breakfast which is indeed the fuel for the whole day. The regional breakfast dishes served in the place are favourite to families out of which the most famous are the varieties of Puttu served to the people. Wheat, Ragi or Rice are usually the ingredients of it to which people add some grated coconut. When served with a gravy of Bengal gram and banana remains the favourite to the locals residing in the region. Appam is the most favourite pancake of Keralites which is made of fermented rice batter and coconut milk. A combination of Appam with the gravy of chicken, Bengal gram and vegetable stew is like a party in the stomach that literally makes anyone crave for more of it. Idiyappam, the noodle-like rice flour dish is the best that goes with egg curry. On taking a journey to the Malabar region of Kerala, the people are invited to their specialties where Pathiri remains to be the favourite of all. Other than with coconut milk, people also have it with spicy gravies of non-vegetarian dishes. Otti is another dish which is made out of rice flour, that comes with a filling of ghee and coconut or jaggery in it. A number of other south Indian dishes like Upma, Vada and varieties of dosa are also available in the state.

Lunch in some rice at Kerala

 Kerala tour packages for family

Hopping on for lunch, the families are in for some food delight where the first thing that comes to the mind is the authentic Kerala dish of Sadhya. A banana leaf is laid down on which around 24-28 dishes are served with rice. Everything is vegetarian in the authentic Sadhya but there are some people who serve fish fry and other non-vegetarian recipes along with it in some parts of the state. On attending Hindu wedding ceremonies and several festivals relating to temples, the people get to eat this relishing dish of Kerala. And being in the Malabar regions offers the people with a chance to gulp in some extra popular Thalassery Biriyani or rather, Malabar Biriyani. The mix of Jeerakashala rice with ghee and the best blend of spicy masala often comes with chicken, beef, mutton and various types of seafood. It is indeed one of the most famous Biryanis in India. Various other dishes like Ghee rice, Lemon rice, Tomato Rice, Mango rice and coconut rice are preferred for lunch.

The tricky treats for the evening: Snacks

 Kerala tour packages for family

Snack time is a very important food time and people look out for anything that goes with a cup of tea, coffee or Sulaimani to make it the best. Banana fritters are the most favourite while several other snacks like Bonda, Bhajji, Parippu vada, Ulli vada and Cutlet are also preferred. Malabar regions open an array of snacks in the name of Ifthar recipes which is to die for. A few of them are Mutta Pola, Kai Pola, Petti Pathil and Irachi Pathil. The dishes are made of various blends of which the people prefer the meat fillings. Some also go for jaggery fillings, giving it a sweet taste. Other dishes like Unnakaya and Fried Semolina balls are also favourites to all those who have tasted the amazing food. In case families are looking out for a talk over the table time, the best time is during the evenings when the snacks along with the coffee make the perfect date.

The lightest form of Dinner served in Kerala

 Kerala tour packages for family

In case you have not had rice porridge, Kerala is the right place for it. While some people have it for lunch, others have it for dinner. Other than with rice, porridge is also made of wheat which is favourite among the Keralites. They have it with Thoran which is a vegetable mix made of coconut or with Papadam and Chammanthi made of Tamarind and Red Chilli. A number of gravies are made from Dal, Mango and vegetables which are favourites with Chappathi. In case you are always ready to eat heavy, do not miss Parotta and Beef which is indeed the best that Kerala can serve you. Tapioca and Fish gravy is also another dish that people should never miss to eat when at Kerala. The best part is that Kerala has a number of restaurants and shops that give the families with the best opportunity to hogging all these food items.

 Kerala tour packages for family

Other than the typical timely food cuisines of Kerala, the dessert lovers can also take a tour through the various dishes that are available here. Payasam is the most famous out of the lot where it is made with various ingredients. While raisins and nuts are a major add-on, it is made with vermicelli, rice, wheat and jaggery. Vathalappam is another dessert which is made of coconut and jaggery where the caramel like jaggery waters all the mouths. Coconut pudding is also favourite to the people where they are provided with delicate flavours to the people. In short, the tale of the food cuisines proves that Keralites are fond of rice, coconut milk and grated coconut and various ingredients like Tamarind and unripe mango which indeed make the best of dishes in Kerala. And when choosing to visit a land for food, a family can make way to this land on the south.

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