A relatively new jargon associated with the travel trade industry the expansion of which is Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. The E could also stand for Events. The target group is very large and thus such events calls for meticulous planning.

            GoGeo Holidays has the wherewithal and the expertise to organize macro level logistics at such events. We have chosen the best of hotels and resorts for such events, which contribute to the success of such mega events. For the corporate client, it means a hazzle free moment, from the time the task is entrusted to us. Go Geo on its part will prepare, plan and organize the event and associate itself till the conclusion of the event.

Wellness & Ayurveda

              Kerala is the home for ayurvedic treatment in India. Although, a few sparsely located treatment centres do exist in North India, it can however be said that, Kerala offers numerous options for a customer who would like to seek solace through Ayurveda!
           The State of Kerala is dotted with Western Ghats extending almost through out the state and therefore, the area has abundance rare herbs which are used in ayurvedic treatment. Some ailments having been treated successfully with the help of Ayurveda are joint pains, migrane, common cold, diabetes and obesity.

Nature & Wild Life

             Kerala is an enchanting state. If you are a flier and get to peep through the window of an aircraft you would be truly astounded. In terms of nature, it is the best amongst the four South Indian states - the only state which is bestowed with greenery. A thick blanket of evergreen, semi evergreen and decidous forests would greet the eye. The foliage on the western ghats is really thick, thereby projecting vast verdant landscape.

            Most of Kerala's significantly biodiverse tracts of wilderness lie in the evergreen forests of its easternmost districts, and thus places like Gavi. Thekkady, Munnar and to a lesser extent Idduki, offers a spectacualar splendour for the beholders eyes! Kerala boasts of large mass of wet lands making it extremely fertile for crop cultivation.

            Kerala is a herpetologist's delight. It is one of the few states apart from Karnataka and Orissa the home to the King Cobra,Vipers, Pythons, and turtles can also be found. Among the bird species as many as 453 species have made their home and an ornithologist would be really pleased with such sightings. Fresh water fish and braqckish water fish are also available in plenty.

             The state is home to biosphere reserve, wild life sanctuaries and national parks. Major mammals that can be found in the state are tigers, sloth bears, bison and the endangered Nilgiri tahr, apart from lion tailed macaque, antelopes, deer wild boars and elephants. The Indian elephant is revered not only as a religious symbol for the Hindu community, but is highly regarded as a State symbol and is the national animal of Kerala.