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Kerala Tour Packages


It is perhaps, being the commercial capital of the state is the most important city. Temperature ranges from 28 degrees during the winter months to about 38 degrees in the summers. It is generally hot and humid. Present day population should be around .7 million. The city was patronized by the Jews, and Arabs during ancient times and during the last 500 years had shades of influence of the Dutch and Portuguese culture ! The British were also present in the state during the late 19th century.

The city of Cochin can boast of a multi mode means of transport viz. air, rail, road and ferry. The Kochi Metro Rail is fast progressing and will soon open the flood gate to a mass efficient transportation within the city.

Cochin can be credited with a city tolerant to different cuisines. Popular is the Kerala meals and being a coastal city has liberal quantum of sea food. Chinese, North Indian and Italian, French and Mexican cuisine is also available in the vicinity of Fort Cochin. Fast food culture is fast picking up and international chains like Mc Donald, Domino Pizza have set shop in Cochin. To add to night life, the city has an array of malls like Lulu, Oberon, Gold Souk etc. where one can spend the late evenings. Theatre, pubs and discos are the other means of entertainment, during the evenings.
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This attraction in the North Eastern part of the state. The place offers good scope to explore Edakkal caves, Banasura dam, Chembara peak and numerous small water falls. The general area offers good potential for hikers who can enjoy crossing small rivulets, rock climbing etc.

The topography is both enchanting and exotic, being on the southern most tip of the Deccan plateau. The beauty of the region is spectacular, as it abuts the Western ghats. The ghats itself are interspersed with dense forests, deep valleys and places gorges, and tangled jungles. The averagr altitude in the region varies from 2,000’ to 6,800’. As it is a border district it offers easy ingress/exgress to neighboring Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
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Another hill station located in a south easterly direction to Munnar. The area is well known for spices. Good opportunity exists to see the flora and fauna. Also known for the boating in the Periyar lake. Guided trek with the help of forest guide in the Periyar tiger reserve is another novelty of this place.

The forest spread of Thekkady is really unique. It supports evergreen, semi evergreen, moist decidous forests, and the savanna grass lands, which as a tourist one would be able to gauge by the altitude. This explains, why the region supports various kinds of spices. In the reserve forests apart from foot trekking, jeep safaris are indeed popular, as more areas can be covered in a given time span.
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Munnar is a small hill station famous for its tea gardens. Climate is very salubrious. Locally rolled home made chocolates are a delicacy. Known for various tourist attraction like dams (Kundala, Mattupetty), sandalwood plantation (Marayoor) and Rajamalai National Park, for its, flora and fauna.

The origin of the word Munnar is indeed very interesting. Munu, in the local language means 3, arr in the same language means rivers, and therefore, the confluence of the three rivers, namely, Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundely river, contributed to the name Munnar. Being a border town with neighbouring Tamil nadu, Tamil language is widely prevalent in the region. As Munnar has thick forest vegetation, most animal species dwell in protected areas like the Chinnar wild life sanctuary, the Amravati reserve forest which is apart and parcel of the Indira Gandhi wild life sanctuary.
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Perhaps, one of the few places in the world where paddy is cultivated in farms situated below the sea level. Picturesque beauty, traveling through the backwaters amongst narrow canals is a real treat for the eyes. You will be treated to lush green vegetation all around.

The town owes its existence to Diwan Raja Keshavadas, and recognized its potential as a tourist destination. Aq notable feature of Alleppey is its climate. Though it is in the plains, the day temperature in summers never go beyond 35 degress C, while the winter temperature doesn’t go below 20 degrees C. The annual boat race, generally held in Aug/Sept. wherein hundreds of oarmen participate in a racing competition, would be a delight for the tourists to witness.


Politically active and is the seat of power being the state capital. Known for Padmanabha Temple. On the outskirts of the city is Kovalam, where tourists come to enjoy playing in the sea. Other attractions is the museum which show cases briefly the culture of Kerala.

Historical evidence suggests that the queen of Travancore, known by the name Maharani Sethu Lakshmi, got a beach resort for herself in Kovalam. Later, the Britishers discovered the potentiality of Kovalam as a beach tourist destination. The beaches 3 in Nos. are individually separated by rocky out cropping and when viewed from a distance appears like a beautiful crescent jutting into the Arabian sea.

There is an interesting piece of information on the origin of then name Tiruvanthapuram for the capital city of the state. A three syllable word trifurcated as thiru – anantha – puram, which literally means the city of Lord anantha. The assets of the temple is estimated to be around Rs. 100 billion, perhaps, making it in the top 10 richest temples in the world ! Tiruvanthapuram, is also one of the oldest centre for learning culture.
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Relatively a newer tourist spot spromoted by the Kerala Tourist Board, as an eco friendly tourist attraction. Under the auspices of the State Tourism Board organises a day trip trek and boating. Extremely calm and peaceful place to enjoy beauty at its nature’s best..

The sightings of the gopher trees in the peripheral forest of Gavi has increased the interest of both the botanists and the religious scholars. As of now, only 2 of its kind have been spotted. Gopherwood is a term which finds mention in the bible. From the tourists point of view, the terrain is rough and bumpy, as infrastructure is yet to pick up and thus, tourists prefer to hire 4 wheel drive when scouting in the location.


Colloquially known where the land meets the seas! Exquisite location during sun set as the confluence of the Arabian Sea, The Bay of Bengal join the Indian Ocean. Tourist stay back just to witness and capture the evening sun set on celluloid. Also the Tiruvalluvar statue carved in stone is worth a watch.

It has been a great centre for art and religion for centuries. Kanyakumari during ancient times was credited to have trade and commerce relations. Geographically, Kanyakumari is considered as the southern end of the Coramandel coastal region of mainland India. A distinction is being made, here, as the southern most tip of India is known as the Indira point (formerly Pygmalion point), in the South Andaman sea.


Although, not a part of the main tourist circuit, considered still a nascent attraction which still has its charm. Extremely calm and a perfect location to laze offers tourists peace and tranquility to enjoy a quiet day! Famous for its rolling meadows and pine forests.

Christian missionaries, found Vagamon to be the recipient of good climate and therefore decided to set up their abode of service at Kurusimala about 7 Kms away from Vagamon town. It will be of interest to note by tourists that, National Geographic traveler has assigned Vagamon amongst the top 50 destinations in India. vagamon also is the home of para gliding in South India and the annual para gliding festival (held every year between Mar/Apr) has gained popularity, thereby attracting many visitors. The para gliding festival is a 4 day event supported by Kerala tourism.

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